Our Affiliate program Details.
1. Direct referral commission 12.5%
2. Generation commission 3.125% from every generation up to 17th Generation.
3. Star Club bonus total 13%
    3.1. One star club Bonus 6%
    3.2. Two star club Bonus 4%
    3.3. Three star club Bonus 3%
#Condition for getting bonuses
1.To enter One Star Club you have to sell 10 products directly, to enter Two Star Club you have to sell 20 products directly, and to enter Three Star Club you have to sell 30 products directly.
2.To get the Generation Commission you have to sell 2 products in the first Generation and 4 products in 2nd Generation with you or with your teams.
3.Daily club member bonuses will be shared at the same time every 24 hours after the members of the specified club.
4.Minimum withdawl amount will $5.